Carmelo Velardo


My background gives me two main perspectives. As computer science engineer I keep myself up-to-date with technology (tools, techniques, and concepts), I demonstrate ideas with rapid prototyping, and I enjoy working in a team. As research scientist, I am keen on exploring new concepts, I have an inclination for mining, analysing, and presenting data, and I also like to work independently on problems.

During my career I have worked on a number of different areas of computer science and applications. More recently I have focused on digital health and remote patient monitoring. I have successfully applied my skills of data management, system integration, signal processing, and machine learning to design usable and scalable remote monitoring systems to improve patient management.

I now collaborate with the amazing people of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the University of Oxford. Specifically I collaborate with Professor Lionel Tarassenko to use mobile-phone based tele-health to empower patients' self-management of long-term conditions such as diabetes, COPD, congestive hearth failure, hypertension. I enjoy collaborating with doctors, nurses, and patients.

Curriculum Vitæ

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Three main research themes I am interested in.

Chronic conditions

Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes, are leading causes of mortality in the world (60% of all deaths). Out of the 35 million people who died from chronic disease in 2005, half were under 70 and half were women. [WHO]


Empower patients and health care providers through the use of new technologies, sensors, and services to improve health, healthcare delivery, and quality of life.

Self management / self monitoring

The management, monitoring, and skills by which patients with a chronic condition can effectively take care of themselves. Digital-Health can facilitate the process and the creation of procedures to help patients better self-manage and self-monitor.


A list of publications.
More info on my Google scholar profile.


    A list of projects.

    This is a list of past research projects in which I have participated actively during my academic career.

    I consulted for several institutions in the past (Italy, UK, France) and, subject to time constraints, I do for digital health, system integration, signal processing.

    Consulting will mainly go through the University of Oxford dedicated office (OUC - ISIS Innovation) but please contact me in the first instance.


    Old Road Campus Research Building,
    Headington, Oxford, OX3 7DQ
    United Kingdom


    Tel. +44 (0)1865 617 679



    In the Press

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